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 Celebrity Deathmatch Soundtrack

28. 11. 1999  

Marilyn Manson sind mit dem Song "Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes" in einer gecutteten Version auf dem Soundtrack des MTV Celebrity Deathmatchs Finales drauf. Da wird anstatt "Violence for the people" "Silence for the people" gesungen. Die Zeile sei zu brutal.

 Das neue Album

27. 11. 1999  

Im Musik-Magazine "Alternative Press" (138 Jan 00) wird folgender Artikel über Marilyn Manson's neues Album zu finden sein:

"It's probably the darkest and most
violent music we've ever done"

Album Title: TBA

Release Date: Spring 2000, on nothing/Interscope

Alternative Press

What Can We Expect?: There's not much music that inspires Marilyn Manson these days, so he found creative fuel for his new album in decidedly non-rock sources. "I spent time in Death Valley; time at Trinity, the site where the first atomic bomb was detonated. I visited Prague and was able to bring back absinthe. I spent time with [director] Kenneth Anger, and I got to meet [Swiss painter] H.R. Giger, who is inspirational in a lot of ways." All of these experiences stimulated 35 songs that Manson produced with engineer Dave Sardy (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Helmet). "It's probably the darkest and most violent music we've ever done," he says. "We took the melodic rock arrangements on Mechanical Animals and combined them with the more nihilistic approach that Antichrist Superstar had. The synthesis of the two is beautiful." The record will also set the stage for Manson's feature film, Holywood, slated for release sometime next year. "The film will be my legitimate attempt to combine something with musical excitement--like The Wall--with the artistic symbolism of films by such people as Luis Bunuel, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Anger," he explains. "But it'll probably come out like Can't Hardly Wait." [JP]

 Ricci hasst Marilyn Manson

27. 11. 1999  

Es gibt sicherlich einige gute Gründe Marilyn Manson nicht zu mögen. Die US-Schauspielerin Christina Ricci ("Casper", "The Opposite Of Sex") hat es sich nicht nehmen lassen, in einem Interview eine erkleckliche Anzahl davon aufzuzählen." Es ist ekelhaft! Ich hasse die Dinge, die Marilyn Manson predigen. Schlimmer noch: Sie glauben nicht einmal selbst an den Unsinn, haben halt nur einen Gimmick gesucht, mit dem sich Kasse machen lässt. Sie verarschen die Kids. Wenn der Typ über den Haufen geballert würde? Gut, er wäre dann tot."

Danke an: NicolaiSinn
Text by: Viva Text Deutschland


27. 11. 1999  

Comments From Artists About Manson's MTV EVMA Performance
(Thx2: Man That U Fear)

ZZZombiE, an SLS viewer, watched a show called 'Bytesize' recently which air videos, but in between the videos they have interviews with the upcoming artists. There was a segment on Marilyn Manson taken from 1999 MTV EVMA.

Peter Svensson, The Cardigans: "Marilyn Manson, probably, has a few tricks to pull out of his pocket. Hopefully."

Marilyn Manson: (Dressed in what looks like a black sweater, wearing huge sunglasses and hair dyed black.) "Yeah, I think it's a good contrast, you know, if you have a show where Puff Daddy's playing and where Marilyn Manson's playing, I think it's a good ... very good narcotic. If Puffy will play his song "My Best Friend", I think it's like a great contrast."

Puff Daddy: "I will be doing a song called "My Best Friend". It's the latest single off my new album "Forever". And it's a song... it's an interesting song... it's a song about my relationship with God."

Marilyn Manson: "So anybody that thinks that what I've done in the past was immoral or unacceptable, or irrevocably lowsome, they've only got worst to expect."

 The Last Tour On Earth

27. 11. 1999  

Hier die Positionen von Manson's "Last Tour On Earth" in den Charts: (Thanks2: NicolaiSinn)

Deutschland: Platz 46 (neu)
USA: Platz 82 (neu)
UK: Platz 61 (neu)
Österreich: ???? (nicht in den Top 50)

 Holy Wood

26. 11. 1999  

Manson hat wieder mal neue Details über seinen Film "Holy Wood" bekanntgegeben. Das Interview findet man auf der MTV-Homepage.

Außerdem sind Marilyn Manson mit "The Last Tour On Earth" in den deutschen Longplay-Charts von 0 auf Platz 46 eingestiegen. (Thx2: NicolaiSinn)

 Coma White

24. 11. 1999  

"Coma White" ist nach drei Wochen in den VIVA 2 - ROCK - CHARTS von Platz 04 auf Platz 05 gefallen. (Thx2: NicolaiSinn)

 Fred Durst über Manson

24. 11. 1999  

Entnommen aus dem NewMusicExpress:

Manson veröffentlichte auf seiner Webseite seine Meinung über Limp Bizkit: "Das sind ungebildete Affen, die jetzt unmelodiöse Testosteron-Hymnen veröffentlichen."

Fred Durst ließ das nicht auf sich sitzen und konterte: "Ich verstehe, daß Manson sehr unglücklich über seine zerbrochene Karriere ist. Wenn er also solche Dinge verbreitet, weil er wütend auf sich selbst ist, werde ich ihm vergeben."

 Columbine Massaker

20. 11. 1999  

Drogen und nicht die Musik sind für das Columbine Massaker verantwortlich (by Peter R. Breggin, M.D.)

On April 29 the Washington Post confirmed that Eric Harris, the leader in the Littleton tragedy, was taking the psychiatric drug Luvox at the time of the murders. On April 30 the same newspaper published a story quoting expert claims that Luvox is safe and has no association with causing violence. In fact, Luvox and closely related drugs commonly produce manic psychoses, aggression, and other behavioral abnormalities in children and young people.

Luvox is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) that is approved for children and youth (up to age 17) for use in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder. However, doctors often give it for depression, since it is in the same SSRI class as Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil.

According to the manufacturer, Solvay, 4% of children and youth taking Luvox developed mania during short-term controlled clinical trials. Mania is a psychosis which can produce bizarre, grandiose, highly elaborated destructive plans, including mass murder. Interestingly, in a recent controlled clinical trial, Prozac produced mania in the same age group at a rate of 6%. These are very high rates for drug-induced mania--much higher than those produced in adults. Yet the risk will be even higher during long-term clinical use where medical supervision, as in the case of Harris, is much more lax than in controlled clinical trials. These drugs also produce irritability, aggression or hostility, alienation, agitation, and loss of empathy.

Reports suggest that Eric Harris may have had a relatively good family life. If so, it adds to the probability that he was suffering from a drug-induced manic reaction caused by Luvox. The phenomenon of drug-induced manic reactions caused by antidepressants is so widely recognized that it is discussed several times in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association and many times in The Physicians' Desk Reference.

I have lectured widely and written extensively about violence in association with taking SSRI antidepressants in Talking Back to Prozac (St. Martin's Press, 1994) and Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry (Springer Publishing Company, 1997).

I have testified as a medical expert in three teenage cases of murder in which SSRIs were implicated in playing a role. In one case, a sixteen year old committed murder and tried to set off multiple bombs and incendiary devices at the same time. I have also testified in cases of adult murderers who were under the influence of SSRIs, including one mass murder of twelve people followed by suicide. The comparisons to Littleton are obvious.

Psychiatric drugs including Ritalin and Prozac have also been taken by at least one other school murderer (Kip Kinkle). Psychiatric drug use is only one of the contributing factors to the episodes of school violence. However, it is one of the most easily prevented factors. There is strong scientific evidence to support the view that SSRIs should not be given to children and teenagers.

 Omega Symbol bald tot

18. 11. 1999  

Manson hat vor kurzem wieder eine Nachricht im offiziellen Forum hinterlassen. Er erwähnte, daß er in nächster Zeit nichts mehr schreiben werde und daß das Omega Symbol bald nicht mehr existiert.

Manson Post - 11/16/99 11:27:59
The posts were cleared to make space.
New ideas.
New ways of thinking.
That's all.
I may not post for some time as I am going away from "civilization" for awhile.
In the meantime, my site will slowly change day by day.
And Omega and the symbol will be dead.
Thanks to everyone who appeared on TLTOE.
I hope you can hear yourselves in the backround.
If you weren't there, I hope the cd makes you feel like you were. We are born as angels and our parents are God.
They make us in there image. We follow their commandments. When we reach the age of reason, the Age of Horus, we can no longer be what our "parents" our "god" our "society" would like us to be.
Maturity, sensibility, rebellion, 15.
This is when we fall.
This is Lucifer.
Being what you want isn't wrong.
The story has always been written from someone else's perspective.
Now we must write our own, here among thorns.
Next time I see you, I will announce the title of the new album, and share some footage of the recording.
The Third and Final Beast

 Coma White

16. 11. 1999  

Der deutsche Musiksender "VIVA" boykottiert als einziger deutscher Musiksender das aktuelle Musikvideo von Marilyn Manson. "Coma White" sei politisch inkorrekt und wird deshalb nicht gesendet! Und hier die neueste "Coma White" - Plazierung in den deutschen VIVA 2 - Rock - Charts: Platz 4 (gestiegen von Platz 6). Damit ist "Coma White" erfolgreicher als "Rock is dead"."The Dope Show" schaffte Platz 1 (Gesamt: 10 Chartswochen) , "IDLTD (BTDLM)" erreichte Platz 2 (Gesamt:10 Chartswochen), "Rock is Dead" (Gesamt: 7 Chartswochen) nur Platz 5. Danke an NicolaiSinn.

 MTV News Stream

16. 11. 1999  

Auf MTV's Video News Stream spricht Marilyn Manson über die Schießerei in Colorado. Klick hier um das Video zu sehen (ab der dritten Minute). Den Bericht gibt es auch auf MTVs Homepage. Außerdem kann man sich die limitierte Marilyn Manson Live-CD bei WOM um nur 34,99 DM kaufen (Thx to Jasmin Moritz).


15. 11. 1999  

Diesen Text habe ich heute vom Man That U Fear bekommen:

A single Marilyn Manson fan, spoke the words of many last night on the official Manson discussion board concerning the silence between Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson. Jeff Popplewell, the fan who wrote the message, carried his voice so loud that Marilyn Manson responded with a lot to say. Below is Popplewell's message to Marilyn Manson:

Subject: Manson, No disrespect, but you got ALOT of Nerve
Article: I'll be the first to say that I don't know the whole story between you and Trent but from what I DO know I'd say that You Have Alot Of Nerve to publicly disrespect the man who, in my opinion, is SOLELY responsible for you having as wide a fan base as you have. If not for him you would PROBABLY still be playing in shit bars in Florida. AGAIN I MUST SAY I MEAN NO DISRESPECT TO YOU after all I have been a fan of yours since the first single,(GYG) and definetly support your message. I just want to see the two of you back together. I would also like to hear your side of the story. If you read this, Manson, just know that I and MANY of the mutual fans you share with NIN are disappointed with this SEEMINGLY childish disrespect of one another.

Marilyn Manson responded here, which can be read below:

RE: Manson, No disrespect, but you got ALOT of Nerve
Article: to keep it short, I have had nothing but good things to say, despite my alleged betrayal. I consider Trent like a brother and I miss him. However, I won't sit back and get bashed when I have provided him with about 10 million dollars in income. I wish him luck.
I am my own world, his is what it is.
I have never wanted to compete.
sincerely marilyn manson

Following Manson's above post, he continued with this letter, which can also be read below:

Subject: I Have nerve
Article: I doubt I would be doing anything other than this, with or without anyone's help, because will power is the only path to getting your dreams.

this subject is pointless and only one that Trent really needs to bring up.

I'm quite busy thinking about my art.
good night all


 Last Tour On Earth

15. 11. 1999  

Heute ist die neue Marilyn Manson Live-CD "The Last Tour On Earth" endlich veröffentlicht worden. Es gibt auch eine Limited Edition (20.000 Stk.) die ich heute um ca. 43 DM (299 ATS) gekauft habe. Die normale habe ich schon um 24 DM (169 ATS) gesehen. Auf der Bonus-CD befinden sich "Coma White LP Version", Dr. Hook's "Get My Rocks Off", "Coma White (Acoustic)" und "Rose In A Baby Ruth". Die Orignial-Version von "Get My Rocks Off" und die erste CD kann man sich auf dieser Homepage anhören.

 God Is In The T.V.

15. 11. 1999  

Das Video "God is in the T.V." soll laut HMV bis zum März 2000 in Deutschland nicht veröffentlicht werden. Es ist aber schon jetzt als Import aus England (VHS) um 44,99 DM erhältlich (Thx to NicolaiSinn). Laut Virgin wird man es sich bei ihnen Ende November kaufen können.

 Holy Wood Regisseur

15. 11. 1999  

Am Vorabend der MTV Europe VMA traf Manson den Regisseur Alexander Jodorowsky der für seine surrealistischen Filme bekannt ist. Manson möchte, dass er die Regie für seinen Film "Holy Wood" führt. Übrigens schreiben Marilyn Manson ihre Texte zum neuen Album (VÖ: Juli 2000) in Death Velley, da werden sie auch ihren Film zum Teil drehen.

 MTV European Awards

14. 11. 1999  

Am Dienstag, dem 11. November, spielten Marilyn Manson "Rock Is Dead" live bei den MTV European Video Music Awards in Dublin, Irland. Manson kommentierte den Auftritt so:

“It was rather ironic that teenage girls with breast implants and rappers with violent and misogynistic lyrics spent the whole night thanking Jesus Christ of all people. It is clearly by unchristian means that these alleged “friends of God” have made their millions so I chose a more honest way to say thanks.”

 Coma White

14. 11. 1999  

Marilyn Manson wird leider keine Maxi zu "Coma white" veröffentlichen. Das Lied ist aber in den deutschen VIVA 2 - Rock - Charts plaziert. Es steht in der zweiten Woche auf Platz 6 (von Platz 5 gefallen). Die nächsten Charts gibt es am Dienstag Abend um 20.00 Uhr! Das Video kann man sich auf dieser Homepage downloaden. Danke an NicolaiSinn.

 The Last Tour On Earth

12. 11. 1999  

Vorgestern wurde zum ersten mal das Marilyn Manson Live-Album "The Last Tour On Earth" auf Radio FM4 gespielt. Ich habe es natürlich aufgenommen und ins Real-Format umgewandelt. Man kann es sich jetzt auf dieser Homepage anhören! (Falls ein allgemeiner Fehler auftritt: bedankt euch bei Xoom)

 MTV Europe Music Awards

12. 11. 1999  

Marilyn Manson hat bei den sechsten MTV Europe Music Awards in Dublin den Preis für "Best Rock" leider nicht gewonnen (er ging an Offspring). Sie lieferten aber eine super Live-Performance mit "Rock Is Dead". Manson im Sweet Dreams-Look, mit dem brennenden Kreuz im Hintergrund ... einfach "FUCKING BEAUTIFUL"! Die Show kann man sich noch am Freitag, den 12.11.99 von 23.00 - 01.00 Uhr, Samstag, den 13.11.99 von 14.00 - 16.00 und Sonntag, den 14.11.99 von 17.00 - 19.00 anschauen. Weitere Infos gibt es auf MTV-Home.de

 The Truth-Messages

8. 11. 1999  

Marilyn Manson hat wieder mal zwei Nachrichten im offiziellen Forum hinterlassen. Zu finden unter: http://bbs.marilynmanson.net

 Live CD & Video

4. 11. 1999  

Auf Amazon.de kann man sich bereits die Limited Edition der neuen Live-CD "The Last Tour On Earth" um 31,99 DM bestellen (Thx to Roman). Die CD wird am 15. November erscheinen, einen Tag früher als in den USA ;) Das Video soll angeblich am gleichen Tag veröffentlicht werden. Außerdem hat Manson auf der offiziellen BBS bekanntgegeben, dass das Filmmaterial, welches sie vom God Is In The T.V. - Video entfernen mußten, bald auf der Homepage zu sehen sein wird.

 The Last Tour On Earth

3. 11. 1999  

Marilyn Manson's Live-Album "The Last Tour On Earth" wird auch in einer auf 20,000 Stück limitierten Doppel Edition CD erscheinen. Diese wird außer den bereits bekannten Stücken (siehe unten) noch "Coma White LP Version'", Dr. Hook's "Get My Rocks Off", "Coma White (acoustic)" und "Rose In A Baby Ruth" enthalten. Ob diese Limited Edition auch bei uns erscheinen wird ist mir noch unbekannt.

 God Is In The T.V.

2. 11. 1999  

Die am 15. November erscheinende "God Is In The T.V." Video Compilation wird in folgende drei Abschnitte gegliedert sein:

1) Alle Videos mit der unzensierten Version von "Lunchbox" und "Dope Hat", der "Matrix"-Version von "Rock is Dead" und das unveröffentlichte Video von "Cryptochild". "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes" ist leider nicht oben.

2) "Dope Show" Filmmaterial

3) Mechanical Animals Tour Dokumantationsmaterial mit Bruchstücken von "Inauguration Of The Mechanical Christ", "The Reflecting God", "Antichrist Superstar", "Irresponsible Hate Anthem", "Rock Is Dead", "The Dope Show", "Lunchbox", "I Don't Like The Drugs", "The Speed Of Pain", "Rock N Roll Nigger", "Sweet Dreams" und "Spine Of God" (mit Dave Wyndorf von Monster Magnet).

Weitere Infos gibt es auf der Marilyn Manson Sexless-Seite

>> God Is In The T.V. - COVER <<


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