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[after a short clip of a few new songs, Manson gives these words...]

"We're introducing today one of the first in many changes on our web site, and I'd like to announce the title of our album is going to be "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death." It contains songs that will hint at the story that will be told in my film "Holy Wood." This will all come out some time next year.

The album is being recorded in various undisclosed locations including Death Valley. This is the final piece of a triptych that I began with Antichrist Superstar. The character of Omega has been disposed of as he was a ruse to lure commercial mall-goers into the web of destruction that I have always planned since the beginning. That's not to say that any songs on Mechanical Animals were not sincere, those were all great songs that I love very much, so, it was just the character I personified was more, uh, was much more of a satire that some people misinterpreted as a reality.

This web site will now be used more frequently, as it will be my only contact with humanity, so, I would expect to see me here on a very regular basis, and I would expect you to learn with me as we learn the changes that are taking here place in the year 2000.

Symbol of Mercury The new symbol that I'll be using to represent myself here on the web site and elsewhere, is the symbol of Mercury. If you're not familiar with it, you'll be seeing it after this message. The symbol is most commonly used in alchemy. It represents both the engin and the prima materia which associated with Adam, the first man, and all these things are major influences in the writing of the new album. I encourage you to do research on these, but from now on you'll recognize me by this symbol and this symbol alone..."