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Horus: Hawk headed God of Strength and Silence, and the Great Work. He is the Successor to Osiris, the God of the Patriarchy. Experiments indicate that his primary function in terms of practical effects will be access to Energy in whatever particular form it is the Will of the individual practitioner to experience and utilize it. Since s/he is the crowned and conquering child, who is an androgynous or integrated positive/negative, yin/yang, male/female being, this often involves exploration of the practitioners nongender polarity (for a man his feminine aspect, for a woman her masculine aspect).

Abrahadabra, his reward, is the path of the Great Work, union of the individual with their own personal Godhead. Such apotheosis must take place very individually, and his Ordeal x is a totally individual matter upon which individual meditations cannot help but be instructive.

His aspects in terms of the planets would be Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, and the Moon. His season is spring and if he could be said to have one Element it would be Air as the mediating element between the Active Fire and Passive Water (Hadit and Nuit or Yang and Yin if you prefer) or spirit, as the balancing element between the other four. His other deity aspects as listed in the Book of the Dead (Papyrus of Ani), and A.E Wallace Budge's "The Gods of the Egyptians" are quite numerous 86 for the Aspects with names beginning with Heru, with the Harpocrates aspect and the Ra Aspects, and the Khensu Aspects, the deity has undoubtedly been sharing nervous systems with many kinds of magicians for a long time.

Horus is the Metaphor for the New Aeon. The Aeons that have past, the Aeon of the Mother and Father, were necessary while most of humanity were evolutionarily speaking, infants. Society during these aeons was comprised almost exclusively of people seeking surrogate parents in the form of religious and political leaders, and people attempting to take the place of these parents, usually in an infantile way which involved utilization of their gender polarity (men yang and women yin). Now humanity is at least at the end of its infancy. More than ever individuals are ready to stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for their Wills. Only an infant needs their parent to carry them. The primary social task of this Aeon will be the recognition of the individual as the unit of society. Horus is a God of war and vengeance because at this point the forces of the Old Aeon will not let him exist peacefully. This metaphor holds whether we contemplate the terrified wielders of the Nuclear terror that comprise our national leadership, or the inhibitions and guilt (especially concerning sexuality) that adorn the lives of all victims of the Judeo-Christian ethic with our struggles against them. Horus is not struggling against his father Osiris, but rather against the Qlipthotic remains of his dominion. As the lord of strength, he operates in the Element of fire. As lord of silence he operates in water. As the balance between Hadit and Nuit, he operates in Air. As the current aggregate of experiences(God) currently ruling the world, he operates in Earth. As the Lord of the Great Work and personal and Species Evolution, he operates in Spirit. Hadit and Nuit are omnipresent as the interplay of the entire Multiverse (the 0=2 formula). Horus is the current operating mode for success in Magick in the world today. His Magickal Image is a Hawk headed young man on a throne. As a God enthroned s/he condenses the interplay of the Gods of the 93 current. He demands the ordeal of the Great Work, the union with ones individual Genius, or Godhead, or H.G.A. This is something that we are all capable of in the sense that it is at least something on the close side of the Abyss, and has as a clear guideline "success" as proof.

The Neo-Thelemoid system of magick is intimately involved with the practical aspects of Hadit's formula of eternal life. Note: these five verses can be used as invocations of Hadit in the four quarters and in the center for Spirit.
AL3:6 I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am life and the giver of life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.
AL 3:71 But exceed! exceed!
AL 3:72 Strive ever to more! and if thou art truly mine--and doubt it not, an if thou art ever joyous!--death is the crown of all.
AL 3:73 Ah! Ah! Death! Death! thou shalt long for death. Death is forbidden, o man, unto thee.
AL 3:74 The length of thy longing shall be the strength of its glory. He that lives long & desires death much is ever the King among the Kings.

Casting Circle:

Part 1 Cross of Balance:

Grasping with the active hand above the head, visualize your hand grasping life force in a glowing shaft, and pulling it down to your forehead at this point (also feel the prickling of the power on your skin, hear the singing of the power in your ears, smell it in your nostrils, and even taste of it on your tongue, these sensations varying in their particulars from person to person): Vibrate -- HERU-RA-HA!
Trace the life force down to the svadisthana chackra (while imagining with all the senses sight, feel, hearing, smell, taste!)
Vibrate -- HORUS!
Trace the life force up to your right shoulder (imagining with every sense still!)
Vibrate -- RA-HOOR-KHUIT!
Trace the life force across to your left shoulder (again, using the imagination with every sense!)
Finally, clasp your hands, fingers intertwined, elbows folded and pointed horizontal to the floor (like arms of a cross), and visualize your Lamen in the center of the cross, while
Vibrating -- ABRAHADABRA!

Part Two: Opening the Pentagram gateways

Stand facing the East with your wand in your active and your cup in your inactive hand and trace an invoking pentagram of AIR. Vibrate, while stabbing outwards in the center of it and exhaling, one of the four names of Horus:
(Note: See Liber O, Section III, #3 on the best way to vibrate if you're out of practice!)

Ra-Hoor-Khuit: The Martial "strength, force, vigour of your arms" aspect of Horus who both overcomes adversity and heals through a fierce harmony by cutting away the imbalanced. Will POWER. Hoor-Paar-Kraat: The child Harpocrates who derives his Power through Silence. The Gedulah Sphere aspect. MEMORY. Heru-Ra-Ha: The synthesis of both of these things into one. The Solar Horus of the Tipareth Sphere. The Mystical, rather than the Warrior protector, or the Lawgiver, Horus. TRANSMUTATION/HEALING. (Note: another place for this aspect of Horus is in Kether, as the highest aspect of Godhead currently attainable by human beings in this Current Aeon)

Horus: the synthesis of all these aspects in one. The "personality" aspect of this deity that operates in the world of Malkuth as the ruler of the world during this Aeon.

Choose the name you will to use based on the purpose of a particular circle.
Visualize the power of the Name radiating from the Pentagram, as a yellow streaming force for example. Feel the winds play on and in your body. Hear the rush of the Air into your Circle. Smell the power of Air as the sap of a torn leaf or pine. Taste Air as a fresh mint on your tongue.

South: Trace the invoking pentagram of FIRE.
Inhale the Name, exhale and stab your wand into the center of the pentagram as you vibrate the Name:
Visualize the red flames of the Fire Principle entering your Circle. Feel the heat. Hear the roar of the fire. Smell the smoke, or pepper, or whatever. Taste pepper or ginger or garlic.

West: Trace the invoking pentagram of WATER.
Inhale the Name, exhale and stab your wand into the center of the pentagram as you vibrate the Name:
NUIT! Visualize the blue mist of the Water Principle enter your Circle. Feel the cold. Hear the roar of waves, or the patter of raindrops. Smell the salt wind of the sea. Taste cold spring water, or tart sea water.

North: Trace the invoking pentagram of EARTH.
Inhale your Magickal Name, exhale and stab into the center of the pentagram as you vibrate your Name.
Visualize the black [or brown if you prefer] grains of the Earth Principle. Hear an avalanche. Smell freshly turned soil. Taste your favorite vegetable, or fresh earth's mustiness.
{Here you use your own Magickal Name. The symbolism is that of the current formula you are trying to make manifest in the world of physical events. This assures that this ritual is different for each practitioner, and encourages each of us to create our own rituals:
Liber O Section II, #4: "These rituals should not be slavishly imitated; on the contrary, the student should do nothing the object of which he does not understand; also, if he have any capacity whatever, he will find his own rituals more effective than the highly polished ones of other people."
In addition, where you are always using your own ritual, there can be no drain on your magickal energy by others using the very same ritual, as Franz Bardon in "Initiation Into Hermetics" warns us repeatedly.}

The Rulers of the Four Quarters:

The Old Aeon offered us contact with Archangels. We prefer to deal with a multiplicity of deities, so creating/contacting a less Hierarchical/Stratified multiverse.
The Children of Horus are named Quebhsennuf, Hapi, Tuamautef, and Mestha. They represent the forces of balanced access to the energy of the four elements, protection of disembodied consciousness also called the astral body and body of light & etc., endurance, and access to unlimited life force even past the point of physical death. This function of theirs is quite specific, they being mentioned as the gods who "have never known what it is to hunger" who will feed the magician their "beer of everlastingness" and "bread of eternity" of which Horus himself has eaten. This energy source is apparently not one that all deities have gained access to according to the A. E. Wallis Budge translation of the Book of the Dead.

Experimentation indicates that the four Children of Horus can be valuable allies in the attainment of this state in that they can extend the control of the magician over the protective powers of their father enabling the Omnipotence of Hadit and Nuit to become ever more and more manifest in the Circle or Aura of the Magician who stands at the Center Place. As s/he wills, so mote it be. This list of attributions will be helpful in further understanding them.

HAPI: Earth. Protective physical force. name means "goddess who refreshes her brothers." Magickal image: Ape headed mummy. Magickal Power=TO DARE
MESTHA: Fire. Quarter-South. Protective Will force. Name means "the God within." Magickal image: Human headed mummy. Magickal Power=TO WILL
TUAMAUTEF: Air. Quarter-East. Protective Mental force. Name means "the God of secrets." Magickal image: Hawk headed mummy. Magickal Power=TO KNOW
QUEBSHENNUF: Water. Quarter-West. Name means "Goddess who exults fertility." Magickal image: Jackal headed mummy. Magickal Power=TO BE SILENT

The practitioner who is not prepared to invoke, in varying stages, the forces of hir physical dissolution, which is the negative aspect of the forces involved, should not contact these entities. It could be argued that just by living and breathing we invoke the forces of our physical death so what harm could this do, but if it is not your will to be working with these energies at the present time, you should either be prepared to bind the death forces, or simply not contact them in your rituals. Gradient exposure is the effect we seek.

Invoking the Rulers of the Four Quarters:

Stand in the middle of your Circle. Stand in the Sign of the Sphinx: Arms flung wide to form a V, Legs spread wide to form an inverted V. The symbolism here is an X. This means:
a. The crossing of neural impulses between the right and left lobe of the brain through the corpus callosum.
b. The Malkuth Cross -- Balanced manifestation of the four elements, with the fifth at the center.
c. The Unknown Quantity which Death represents.

Once in this position say:
(Inhale His Name, and vibrate it as you exhale)
As you vibrate imagine His Image, Feeling, Sound, Taste, Scent.
(Inhale Her Name, and vibrate it as you exhale)
As you vibrate imagine Her Image, Feeling, Sound, Taste, Scent.
(Inhale His Name, and vibrate it as you exhale)
As you vibrate imagine His Image, Feeling, Sound, Taste, Scent.
(Inhale Her Name, and vibrate as you exhale)
As you vibrate imagine His Image, Feeling, Sound, Taste, Scent.

Magickal Images of the Rulers of the Quarters:

TUAMAUTEF: A mummy with arms crossed in yellow bandages and a Jackel head. Before him floats a dagger identical to your own. Around him billows the forces of Air. Imagine the same stimuli as you did for the Pentagram (visualize, feel, hear, smell, taste.)
QHEBSHENNUF: A mummy with arms crossed in blue bandages and a Hawk head. Before her floats a cup identical to your own. Around her floats the forces of Water. Imagine the same stimuli as you did for the Pentagram (visualize, feel, hear, smell, taste.)
MESHTA: A mummy with arms crossed in red bandages and a Human head (male) Before him floats a wand identical to your own. Around him flares the forces of Fire. Imagine the same stimuli as you did for the Pentagram (visualize, feel, hear, smell, taste.)
HAPI: A mummy with arms crossed in green bandages and a Ape head. Before her floats a pantacle identical to your own. Around her stands the forces of Earth. Imagine the same stimuli as you did for the Pentagram (visualize, feel, hear, smell, taste.)

Notes: Always use the Wand and Cup for invocations. Trace the Circle Clockwise.
Visualize your Circle as a glowing globe surrounding you entirely. Choose any incense you Will.
Take it a step at a time! Learn the cross of balance, then casting the Pentagrams, then imagining, in sequence, each sense in turn. (First visualizing, then feeling, then hearing, tasting, smell, in whatever order you Will.)

Using this Circle for Banishing:

When casting this Circle for the purposes of Banishing, it is in all ways similar to the Invoking Circle except for:
1. You will use your dagger in your active (right hand for righties left hand for lefties) hand, and hold your pantacle in your passive hand for a Banishing Circle.
2. You will trace a banishing Pentagram in each quarter. When you imagine the sense images for each five senses, form them along the circumference of the globe of your Circle, rather than having them flow into your Circle through each Pentagram.
3. When visualizing the Rulers of the Four Quarters, see them facing in towards you when you are invoking, and facing out away from you when you banish.

(Danke an _kÖpf'2k_)