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There have been many rumors circulating about Marilyn Manson's film project, "Holy Wood." We are pleased to not only update this site but to answer some of those questions exclusively here today. After months of negotiating with film companies, Marilyn Manson has come to a final decision. While several companies had expressed interest in making the film, Manson felt it most important to retain his artistic vision, not to modify it. In light of the unprecedented and controversial nature of "Holy Wood", Manson has taken the following steps to present his creation to you on his own terms.

"HOLY WOOD (IN THE SHADOW OF THE VALLEY OF DEATH)" will be the official title of the new album.

Shortly after the album's release this fall, Manson will be publishing the book, Holy Wood, which he began writing in 1995 and was the inspiration for the screenplay and the new album. This graphic and phantasmagoric novel will be the first piece of fiction to accompany a concept album. (This will be Manson's second book, his first, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, was a New York Times Best Seller).

This will be followed by a fine art coffee-table book of images created for and inspired by both the album and the novel Holy Wood.

In regards to the look and feel of the new marilynmanson.net website, the novel's protagonist, Adam Kadmon, plays a crucial role in Manson's body of work. This character is inspired by the alchemical Adam Kadmon, who was thought to be an androgyne much like the one Manson portrayed on the cover of "MECHANICAL ANIMALS". Some have recently noticed that his last album was in fact an anagram: "Marilyn Manson is an alchemical man."

The new album is centered on Adam, who has experienced the subject matter of both "ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR" and "MECHANICAL ANIMALS". This third and final piece of a musical trilogy is the backdrop to the story of "HOLY WOOD", which is thought to be the darkest and heaviest offering from Manson to date.

Manson states,
"As you look for your own answers, you'll find Mercury, the number fifteen, Adam and even something as obscure as Fibonacci, all have relevance as "Holy Wood" unfolds before you. This is something I've been picking at for ten years and I hope it inspires you onto your own transformation."