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When did you start to play guitar and how did you develop your guitar playing?

I started playing when I was 13. I got my first guitar as a Christmas present. The basic development comes from consistently playing. Early on I was given a piece of advice that was extremely important: "base the things you learn on proven elements". To me this meant DO NOT follow popular trends, but instead, go with what YOU know works and will stand the test of time. Would you want a career like Vanilla Ice or the Rolling Stones? The answer is an easy one.

What happened to make Zim Zum quit/get fired from the band (Marilyn Manson)?

My decision to leave was based solely on the need to further my creative capabilities. Any other story you may have heard is simply not true.

Why did you decide to use the name Zim Zum, still after leaving Marilyn Manson?

It is who I have become. Because the name change came about while I was in MM doesn't mean that I didn't have an intricate role in what it would be. When I left, the name left WITH me as it would be for any member of MM.

I would like to know how Zim Zum would describe Pleistocene's style of music.

The music is based on mood swings and mental instabilities that everyone has but rarely acknowledges openly. I can say that it is like nothing you've ever heard before and like nothing i've ever thought possible, in that each song has drastic (and) multiple shifts within the context of 3 to 7 minutes.

Can we expect to see your band in the mainstream right away, like videos on Mtv, and radio singles?

From my point of view and being able to hear the music every day I would say YES. But the "mainstream" will definitely change when Pleistocene is released.

How did you come across X? What about him was so appealing to you?

He is quite unique in that he is really not in touch with what everyone accepts as reality. I expect a lot from the individuals that I have chosen to be in this project with me and he is extremely open and creative with the ideas that I present him with. He doesn't fit in the "outside" world , but he certainly fits in Pleistocene.

I know you participate in other Zim Zum websites. That is wonderful of you to do so. Why do you think it's important to communicate with your fans as much as you do? And is this temporary or will you always try to keep close contact?

For me it never seemed to be something that wasn't normal in the industry (as far as an artist/musician taking a directly accessible approach) I had seen so many rumors and mis-truths that I felt I should let everyone know exactly what was true and what was not. I have always, and will always take the time to let everyone know exactly how much I truly appreciate their support. I have already worked out a way to stay directly in contact with everyone while touring and recording in the future through www.ultra-fag.com and I am also working out a way to make the very first Pleistocene show available live on the internet to show everyone how much I appreciate and understand the difficulties involved with seeing bands play live.

Besides being and playing in a band, are there any other musical or artistic activities that you partake in (like movie roles, or painting)?

Immediately after leaving MM I was offered quite a few roles in films and I found it extremely interesting, but my focus was on my music. While in MM I wanted everyone to get the feeling that I was always in the band and part of that came from my ability to adapt to a lot of very different situations which can also be applied to movie roles. Besides music and the desire to act in films I am very fond of computer generated graphics ( and computers in general), painting, designing clothes (I have the final details of my clothing company being finished as you read this and will also be available through the Ultra Fag Entertainment half of the ultra-fag site) and i'm also working on an internet magazine called The Subliminal Flea-Market". I have really found that songwriting and production are easily my favorites but I am expanding as an individual on a second to second basis.

Who are you, in 20-50 words?

I am someone who is always trying to come to terms with my self-destructive nature while living in a world that encourages a less than glamorous exit. I have always known what I can be and that there is a deeper meaning involved with bringing something creative and new to life. I am indefinable in that I will always feel the need to re-invent myself physically to better suit myself mentally.

What are your future plans?

I will settle for nothing less than my wildest dreams. I feel the need to show everyone just how stale the billboard charts really are and how music doesn't have to be watered down in the assumption that the listener is just a consumer statistic. Pleistocene WILL be one of those bands that comes around only so often in a lifetime, but leaves a scar.

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