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Marilyn Manson Valley













(manson and trent are sitting side by side both with makeup on)

MM: we should be competing...there's much more terrible music out there that we should unite against

TR: you remember a phase where every time you opened up rolling stone there was a picture of michael stipe popping out of somebody's underpants and then it was billy corgan everywhere.

(shot of billy corgan bust being smashed)

MM: we didn't want to make a video that seemed like we're bitchy because, ah, limp bizkit's doing better than we are...in their mind.

(shot of fred durst plate being smashed)

TR: look, i'm not going to say limp bizkit sucks. you know? you know it...i know it....i'm not going to say it.

(shot from starsuckers of the courtney look-a-like)

KL: i think when courtney love sees this video...i think she's going to be hurt. don't you?

MM: i'd like to think so

(trent and manson chuckle)

TR: i think manson said it best: there's mean and then.... (looks at manson and smiles) ...this is just brutal.

(the three laugh)
(shot of eminem's "real slim shady video")

KL: dissing, of course, has become a full contact sport lately. especially in the hands of eminem.

MM: i think eminem's video kind of strikes the same note...is a more comical, campy version of what trent was saying--

TR: --he's a smart guy.

(clip of nin playing the beautiful people with manson singing)

TR: it feels good to be back reunited again, 'cos i think that...the bad guys are taking over.

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