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The artist known as Marilyn Manson sits down in front of the 120 channels console, gives instructions to his producer, puts on a pair of Jackie O' Nasis glasses, crosses his legs, puts a glass of Coke on the floor and then he plays a DAT sound player that is inside the studio; then we heard the first of the six songs that Manson will show to the music press, songs of an album that will be called Holy Wood and that will be launched with a book and maybe a movie. The company executives ask us to not divulge on the contents of the lyrics, they don't want to start to hype up things since mid-June. There will be more time to let the press rip apart the songs and their lyrics.

The reverend himself will talk about the album to a selected group of international media in a little studio near Santa Monica.

"Anyone can make songs, I just dedicate myself to make chaos," says Manson when he is asked about the artistic donation that Marilyn Manson gives to the music industry. He is siting in a lunch bench and in front of him there are a lot of black chairs, just like the setting of his record company (Interscope/nothing).

Manson is very kind to us and he even makes jokes about some of the answers (pretty rare coming form a guy that sports breasts in an album cover and likes to show his tushie); he speaks and moves his left hand in which he is carrying a glass of coke.

"The title of the album is a reference to the movie Santa Sangre by Alejandro Jodorowsky, I admire a lot of his work. It will close a trilogy that began with ACSS and followed with MA. It was supposed to come out with a book and a movie by Jodorowsky, but don't worry, the project is not canceled yet".

"In Holy Wood I am still exploring some topics like the American family of our times and the analogy between the JFK murder and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ."

Manson is dressed in black and is wearing some big shoes that maybe were a gift from Gene Simmons, but maybe he bought them with his own money.

"I have never competed with other bands, I just do what I want to do. With this album I have achieved a more stylish platform. I don't get mad if other bands do what i do. I have given them a 2 year break and now I am back to show them how it's done and also to give them a real reason to hate me because this album will give them a lot of ammo to shoot me with and I like that."

"When the people see the book that is going to be released after the album they will go back to ACSS and MA and will realize about the relation of the lyrics and the story of the 3 Albums."

From this point on we could talk about the six song we heard, we would say that 3 of them are going to be some big radio hits and that they have words like "fuck", "cock", "dicks", "sucks" but we won't talk about it. Maybe in another occasion.

Quelle: SeemsLikeSalvation