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Anastasia: Welcome to the show.

Manson: Thanks.

Anastasia: Good to have you.

Manson: All right...

Anastasia: Just said you woke up... (Shake hands)... oh, cold hands, good. [Don't ask me what's that about. The girl's an idiot...]

Manson: Yeah...

Anastasia: Do you always get up that late?

Manson: This was early for me.

Anastasia: Okay.... I think it's 3 o' clock, yeah... Okay, you give your show, and you're on tour and go to bed real late...

Manson: Yes.

Anastasia: Talking of going to bed, I spent last night with your book, last night...

Manson: Yeah

Anastasia: Couldn't finish it in one night, I'm sorry, but....

Manson: It's o.k.

Anastasia: It's pretty interesting... Other books, I probably would have, you know... Why did you write it?

Manson: At that time when I was... someone approached me and they wanted to know if I wanted to tell my story. It wasn't something I thought I wanted to do, but... a lot of people were protesting me and very scared of me at the time and one of the points of writing the book was to try and show people that I've come from the same background as a lot of people growing up in America... and rather than explaining what I do, I thought if I showed people how I grew up they would understand why I do what I do... and I also wanted to make tons of money [there was something he wanted to do with this money, but I didn't get it, though I listened to it about a zillion times... it kind of sounded like get away with it...]

Anastasia: Did it make lots of money?

Manson: Ah...

Anastasia: Did anything change in public in the states after the book?

Manson: I think people maybe didn't understand me more, but I think that it... it actually made me more of a household name in some ways. And not so much because of my music... I don't know if that is really a good thing, but people also saw that I'm not just somebody to be afraid of, that I do have some intelligence and I do have some things to say... I used to be a writer before I was a musician, so it was good for me to write again. I've just written another book that's fiction... It's also called Holy Wood like the album and it will be out with the show.

Anastasia: In Germany as well?

Manson: Yes.

Anastasia: Holy Wood... this is your album right now in Germany... and it led to a misconception, I think, the title... some people think you wanted to criticize the kitschy Hollywood movie scene, but this was not really the case...

Manson: Well, it kind of works with both, because Hollywood is a symbol for something that people have blamed for violence and for men's behavior. And since I sort of represent Hollywood, being an artist, I wanted to show that Hollywood has a lot of things in common with religion. That a person like Jesus Christ could also be compared to someone like that and myself we're both people with dangerous opinions who are persecuted for it... and also that Jesus was the first celebrity. So I thought the name Holy Wood, you know, also referred more than just to the city, it also referred to the wood he was crucified in.

Anastasia: You talked about intelligence and Eminem said you're a really smart guy. What do you think about Eminem?

Manson: I think he's a really smart guy, I think that he's very clever. Some people don't get his sense of humor, but I do... and I liked meeting him... I think we have a lot in common... We do things very differently, but I think we have the same spirit.

Anastasia: There's a question from fuzzy (16)... will you do a whole concert with Eminem? 'Cause there's a rumor on the Internet.

Manson: It's possible. I don't know how the rumor started. People were saying we're going to do a tour together called America's most hated, but... it sounds like a great idea... I'm not opposed to it... If the opportunity comes up I will do it.

[fight song video]

Anastasia: Last concert in Germany tonight...

Manson: Yes.

Anastasia: Yeah... How different are each gigs of yours? I mean, do you have the same line up and have some spontaneity?

Manson: Well. I try to make the show a combination between the sex pistols and the Ringling Brothers Circus or something... So there are a lot of theatrical elements, but I like to make it very rock... So we've been. Through the European tour we've been changing the songs that we're playing... So we played different songs every night, now and then... You know we just came from Poland and there were certain parts of our show that I was going to be arrested for performing, so it was a very difficult show to do because the church is very strong there, also in the government... So there were certain things they wouldn't allow.

Anastasia: So did you get arrested?

Manson: I was arrested in Italy, in Rome... they said I was committing an act that was publicly indecent...

Elena (on the phone) hallo.

Manson: hello.

Anastasia: (translates Elena's question) are you afraid of death? (Actually Elena had asked if he was afraid of death because he might not have realized everything he wanted to do in his life).

Manson: I think that every day you have to find something to distract you or to remind you what's good about life... that keeps you from being afraid of death. So, for me, as long as I think about making music and doing what I do that fear goes away.

Anastasia: (asks Elena if she is afraid of death, she answers that she wouldn't want to die yet, maybe sometime later) she's not afraid because she's so young, she said...

Manson: It's a good way to be...

Anastasia: Another girl wrote a letter to me and said you took her on stage, I think it was Munich, I don't remember... What do you do with girls on stage?

Manson: Um... that's what I got in trouble for in Italy. (Laughs)

Anastasia: Ah... okay...

Manson: Well there's people always trying to get on stage and [I didn't get the next part, though it just might be something like 'grab / grope my hands to make a way on stage']... so I just had her help me sing a song... in a very provocative manner (laughs). It's something her mother wouldn't be proud of...

Anastasia: Jessica from Hanover wants to know how tall you are?

Manson: 6 foot 1.

Anastasia: How much meters is that? Do you know that? (Someone tells her it's about 1, 90. Manson stands up to show her...) Next question. A guy called Freethinker wants to know if your metamorphosis is ending, or do you still change in the future?

Manson: I think as long as you're able to change and keep being born again in a way, then that's what keeps you open-minded, that's what keeps you young... so for me, I'm always changing, you know, on a daily basis... I'm always changing, you know, each time I make a record. But as far as the path that I went through in the course of three records, I think that I've gone to that. I feel like a stronger and better person than I was when I started.

Anastasia: What did you chose from our list [play list]?

Manson: Rammstein.

Anastasia: You like them?

Manson: I do. I like them. First time I heard Rammstein was when I was taking a part in David Lynch's film called Lost Highway... and I was in a sex scene with Patricia Arquette and Rammstein was playing...

[video: Rammstein, sonnet]

Anastasia: Good to have you in the house... You won't miss Marilyn Manson today on MTV. Everything is around you [it was Marilyn Manson day]

Manson: That's good...

Anastasia: (another fan letter) He thought that Holy Wood is your last album?

Manson: Who's this?

Anastasia: Daniel.

Manson: Oh... no it's the last part of something I started with ACS, but I've already begun writing lyrics for the next album, which will be something completely different.

Anastasia: Will you tell more?

Manson: No.

Anastasia: That's all...? Steffi wants to know are you the same person at home that you are in public?

Manson: I'm a different person every ten minutes, I think, so it's hard to say... and I end up being in public so much and not being at home at all, so it's hard to say. Of course I become much more exaggerated in my personality when I'm on stage, because I'm performing, but I define Marilyn Manson as what's in my head, so it doesn't matter what I'm wearing, or where I am, the way I think is obviously the same...

Adriana (on the phone) hi.

Manson: Hello.

(Things get a little bit confused, bad telephone connection, the girl asks something like do you hear me, can I speak directly, and something like thank you for making... I lost her there, but Manson had to point out to the interviewer, she's not speaking German)

Anastasia: (translates next caller's question) since you were with Eminem in Hamburg on stage, do you plan to do it again, just for, you know, a little gig, or do you plan with other artists some cooperation?

Manson: that's to be something special... that was just a lucky opportunity because we were in Hamburg at the same day, so I don't know if I would ever do anything with him again... Actually we were talking about doing a song together so maybe that will be in the future.

Anastasia: What about the film project you planned?

Manson: I finished the book Holy Wood and there was a time when I was considering making it into a film. But I decided to put that aside for now. And there's a few film projects I might be involved in when the tour is over, things I've been offered to work with...

Anastasia: As a musician, as an actor?

Manson: As an actor?

Anastasia: Next question from a viewer. Did your parents ever come to your concert, or one concert?

Manson: They come all the time.

Anastasia: Oh really? In the states? And how did they like it?

Manson: They liked it. My mum was a big Elvis fan, so I think that she tries to pretend Iım like Elvis for her.

Anastasia: Do you move your hips like him?

Manson: A little bit different... his move on the side but mine goes thrusting forward.

Anastasia: How come [she asked that... really... no invention of mine....]

Manson: Because it gets more worked up that way.

Anastasia: (laughing). I don't have to translate everything, haha... Iıll check that out tonight, o.k., yeah... rock the house, will you, tonight...

Manson: Oh yeah.

Vielen Dank an Veronika