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The most annoying thing about life is living... usually. Unless you find something to make it less annoying. I think it's always about trying to forget that everyday by doing something that makes you happy, and for me it's being who I am. So that makes it a little less annoying.

I obviously have to have a sense of humor, anyone does, and you can't take yourself too seriously. So sometimes I'm on myself, being on my own...laughing at my own jokes, or things that I find amusing, you know, it could be the teletubbies.

One of the things that make me sadder is when I miss my friends. I think it is very lonely a lot of times of my life. I spend a lot of time alone, even when I'm surrounded by a lot of people

The ex girlfriend:
Often you're with someone who wants you to change what you are or to give up what you are, but they often don't realize that's what was attractive in the first place. So I had to end my long-term relationship, you know, to continue to be who I am.

Women are just so very important to me; it's just a matter of finding what I want. And sometimes you have to test them all to get to the right one. I've always liked women like the ones that I seem to remember, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page... Women who take themselves and their femininity very seriously. The ones that stay in the kitchen and cook and then come to the bedroom and become a whore... That's how they say it in America... I'm just kidding of course... right... er.. Partly...

Who is Marilyn Manson?:
I think I'm a hundred different people on any given day. I think it's always still me. Sometimes I have to be interviewed, sometimes I have to perform, and sometimes I just relax and watch TV, or something like that. But I still think the same way, and I think that makes me the same person.

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