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Kurt Loder: Ever since the Beatles back in the 1960s, certain kinds of musicians have been trying to use rock as a vehicle for art statements. Foremost amongst these people in the 90s were Chicago's Smashing Pumpkins and Cleveland's Nine Inch Nails.

(clip from 'Closer' vid)

Anthony Keidis: You know, Nine Inch Nails, when they first, you know, hit MTV was beautiful, you know, masterpieces of music and video making.

(clips from a couple of NIN vids)

Billy Corgan: When I saw that 'Closer' video, I thought, "This is such an amazing video."

Dave Grohl: 'Closer' was such an amazing video.

Tayler Hawkins: That was a good song. That's the one "I wanna fuck you like an animal."

Trent: I thought 'Closer' was a catchy song but I thought it was crippled because of the lyrics. (clip from 'Closer' containing that line) I didn't think MTV would play the song anyway. Then you get into, "Well we're spending X amount of money on something no one's gonna see." I have to admit when we got the video back, it made me like the song more than I did when I did it. And I think that the visuals that go with it were abstract enough, and it made it more disturbing to me.

Tayler Hawkins: Lead singer of Nine Inch Nails in a ball gag?

Dave Grohl: Mmm, yummy!

Shifty Shellshock: It was sick! It was kinky! It was freaky! It was everything that I love.

Trent: Mark's insistence on just putting 'Scene Missing' instead of just glossing it over, I think worked in the sense that it was in a way calling attention to the censorship of MTV towards the video, and also, it intrigued a lot of people who wondered what was behind the 'Scene Missing's.

Billy Corgan: Someone like Mark Romatik (sp?), he really brought a lot of, sort of... he brought the art world into MTV.

Trent: When we delivered 'Closer' to MTV I was very surprised that it got as much airplay as it did. And I do credit that for definitely escalation in our popularity.


(clip from 'Tourniquet' vid)

Manson: I suppose if I've had any impact on MTV it's definitely been keeping it in check, as far as rock music goes.

Someone from Matchbox 20 - the MTV2 logo was over his name: He makes good records, I think. Just really great sounding records and some great beats, and stuff like 'The Dope Show' and stuff like 'Beautiful People' (clips from both vids as he mentions them) I mean it was stand out, which I think, that was what got people to notice that he was a freak.

Manson: I think, starting back as far as 'Sweet Dreams', the 'Beautiful People' (clips from both vids as he says them) I think I did raise the bar on creativity to a certain extent. I'm not the only one, but I think it was important to set a standard and say that, you know, there is something more exciting you can do with videos.

(clip from 'Tourniquet')

(Manson introducing 'Beautiful People' at the MTV Awards: You want to be in a place that's filled with a bunch of ASS*****?!! [Yes, that's how they censored it - I would have thought the 'ass' part would be more offensive, but there you go] song starts playing. More bits from the performance play while people are talking about it)

Manson: I have a lot of interesting memories of MTV. I remember the MTV Awards when we did 'Beautiful People' was really great.

Gwen Stefani: I remember seeing his little chicken cutlet butt (laughs) cheeks hanging out.

Dave Grohl: I was sitting next to my mom when he turned and showed his big white ass to the audience. It was great, man. She loved it, too!

Trent: His glistening white buttocks were exposed.

Sebastian Bach: When he came out, yeah, he did that pose at the end (demonstrates, then a clip from the performance showing the pose is played). Oh that was kick ass!

Dave Grohl: We were sitting there, and we could see, like, uh, Puff Daddy and a lot of the other rappers (shot of audience showing stunned rappers) and they were, I mean the whole vibe was, they're all so heavily into religion and God, and here you have this guy who's posing as the Antichrist onstage. And really, all of them, they wouldn't even look.

Trent: It's good to get a rise on people, you know. I think if people passionately respond, good or bad, it's much better than if no notice was taken.

(clip from 'Dope Show' performance)

Sebastian Bach: His image was dark, uh, in the 'Beautiful People', and 'Sweet Dreams', and it was, like, uh, decadent and dark and then 'The Dope Show' (clip from 'The Dope Show' vid) was glam, and he was wearing pink sequin boots. I mean, I love pink sequin boots! Who the hell doesn't?

Manson: I thought it was even funnier when we played 'The Dope Show', because the cameramen were very, uh, specifically, avoiding me below the waist. (clip from 'Dope Show' performance) So I felt a lot like Elvis on that night.

Matchbox 20 Guy: I thought that his performance of 'The Dope Show' was dope! I mean, it was, that was pretty sick, you know what I mean? That was a great song, too.

(clip from 'Disposable Teens' vid)

Billy Corgan: Marilyn Manson, to his credit, has helped say, "This is what I'm putting across, but there's another message here that you can deduce". And I think he's at least taken responsibility for the messages he's put across. And he's tried to be proactive, and particularly after those shootings in Columbine, be proactive about what it means to be who he is, and I think that's the right level of responsibility.

Lars Ulrich: He's obviously good at pushing people's buttons. (clip from MTV New Years Eve performance) And I think that some of the thoughts and the viewpoints he has on things are very valid.

(clip from 'The Fight Song' vid)

Guy from P.O.D. - they were all together & not individually named: He's slow to speak and quick to listen.

Billy Corgan: He's an A level visual artist. [I don't think he realizes the slightly insulting connotations of that description in the UK, where A-levels are exams] But he did say about me that I'm not that good a visual artist, but I'm a better musician. So, I'm a better musician.

Trent: I think a good thing that came out of Marilyn Manson, um, becoming big, was that it helped kill off the... (clip from 'Starfuckers Inc.' vid - just 2 seconds but better than nothing I suppose) bland grunge scene that had burned itself out. So now everybody that did have spandex clothes on, now have flannel shirts on, now like putting clown makeup on.

Manson: I suppose if I hadn't pursued rock, I probably wouldn't have done too well with show tunes or break dancing. I'm not very good at it.

(clip of the end of 'The Fight Song' vid)

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