I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)
Tabbed by Omega

Tuning: Standard
(Personally I drop d on everything but I know it sucks to have
to keep tuning back and forth so here’s the regular version)
Sorry about the general crappiness of the layout, never done 
this before. 

 1-Intro and uh… Pre-Outro 

D  ---4-4------4-4------7
A  ---4-4------4-4------7
E  ---2-2------2-2------5

2-Kool Verse Thingy  (This is how it starts and is the general 
idea of the non-heavy verse.  Do it with wah or   something like 
that the timing is a little weird but I think its all right 
except the last three high notes which are wrong I just play 
them cuz it goes really high) – this is the only part where you 
shouldn’t have dist.

D  -------------------------------------------------------------
A  ---9-7-7----9-7-----9-7-7-----9-11-12----9-7-7----9-7------9-
E  -------------------------------------------------------------


D  ---------------9-9-9	
A  7-7--------
E  ----------------------

3-2nd Half of verse    (Ready to fall – Taught to be nothing).

G  ---6-6-9-----------------6-6-11/13                
D  ---6-6-9-----3x then---6-6-11/13   whole thing 2x
A  ---4-4-7-----------------4-4-9-/11


4-Chorus and Outro

D  ---4-----4-----4-------7-9--------4--------4--------4---------
A  ---4-----4-----4-------7-9--------4--------4--------4---------
E  ---2-----2-----2-------5-7--------2--------2--------2---------

Chorus and Outro Cont.

D  9-7-----------4---------4--------4-------7-9-----4---7
A  9-7-----------4---------4--------4-------7-9-----4---7
E  7-5-----------2---------2--------2-------5-7-----2---5

Order: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 1 – 4

Well, that’s it its not too hard I hope this helps you play an
awesome song on an awesome album Any questions,comments, or
other songs you want tabbed OMEGAVOD@aol.com